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Users can now compare train journeys in Europe on Google Flights. Until now, Google's comparator has only search and booking functions for domestic or international flights.
In partnership with Deutsche Bahn, Google Flights now offers 56 destinations across nearly 400 routes: in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark.
"The partnership with Google Flights helps us reach mainly international travelers, and for many German and European routes, trains are attractive alternatives to the plane," said Mathias Huske, head of e-commerce at Deutsche Bahn.
In France, 16 destinations from or to Strasbourg have already been provided by the German company since Monday, from or to Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne or Dortmund, among others. Lyon-Dortmund and Lyon-Karlsruhe routes are also available.

Chances are you know the Google Flights . The flying search engine does everything you suppose you should do, how to find flights based on your ideal time, number of stops etc. After all, this is the same technology they have on KAYAK and Orbitz.

The site also includes a host of features that are not so easy to imagine, perhaps because they are amazing. In some cases, this online tool may "quench" any travel agent. Do not you believe this? Look at these seven tricks below.

1. Do not you know where to go? Search for a general region, and see a flight price map

Just search for "flights to Europe" and click the Flights tab under the search box. A map across the continent will open, along with the prices. You will be able to compare how much it will cost you to fly from London to Paris - and you can filter options by type of airline, flight duration and the price you are willing to pay.


2. Or go with "I Feel Lucky" to let Google schedule your dream journey

What's on the search for "I feel lucky", it also makes for flights. Click on a map within Google Flights, select the landing page, and click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button to let Google choose a destination based on your search history and what's popular. You will see a graph that tells you when the cheapest flights will be.


3. Google will tell you which flight is the best kick for your money

The "Best Flights" box tells you which flights are the best combination of price and speed, so you will not have to decide if a leper is a good idea, or if a stop is worth the extra cash. Google also points out the best green color options. It's as if your travel agent says, "If you were me, I would do this."


4. It will also show you the lowest price on each calendar day

You can see the prices for your trip every day of the month, with the cheaper days highlighted with green. A graphic at the bottom allows you to know how prices will fall or increase over time.


5. Automatically see the savings that will save you money

If you are looking for a flight that has a similar but less expensive option, the "Tip" option allows you to know how much money you will save if you are ready to fly earlier, later either from an airport other. Then you can weigh the cost and put it!


6. And on the mobile, get alerts when prices are ready to rise

If you're using Google Flights on your phone, you can see pop-up notifications that tell you when prices increase for specific flights. Notifications are not available on any street and you can not check them when they appear but they are a useful way to predict how long they have left you to reserve before the prices rise. Pay attention when you see them!


7. Once you've found a possible flight, let Google monitor the price for you

If you find a flight you like, press the "Save this itinerary" button and let the Google app now follow its pricing. You can view the app on your phone to see how prices are changing and Google will notify you by email if they deviate dramatically.

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