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Does your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder have Epilepsy? (Feb 2016)

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My name is Katie Kennedy and I am a final year Psychology student at the National University of Ireland, Galway. 

I am interested in finding out about the challenges posed by the combination of Autism and Epilepsy. 

If your child does not have Epilepsy I would still be very interested in your responses as they can tell us a lot about the specific difficulties Epilepsy presents separate to those already produced by Autism. 

If your child is aged between 2 -18 years, has Autism Spectrum Disorder with or without Epilepsy and you would like to participate in this research you are asked to complete a short online questionnaire at the following link: 

Your time and opinion are greatly valued.

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ASD and Epilepsy Research

Hi everyone, thanks so much to all the parents who have participated. We are still looking for parents to fill out our online questionnaire. Your child may have Autism Spectrum Disorder with or without Epilepsy.

Thanks Again,

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Still looking for participants :)

Thank you to everyone who has participated! We are still looking for parents of Kids with either autism alone or autism and epilepsy to complete an online questionnaire. It can be done in your own time. I would really appreciate your responses! Thank you, Katie

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