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Disability Studies / Disability Equality Studies at St Angela’s College (Spring 2016)

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Can you imagine living in a world where a person might have an impairment but not be disabled? A world where, for example, a parent with a small child in a buggy and the wheelchair-user can travel equally comfortably.

A world where some of our school friends, fellow students and colleagues may have impairments that are seen as ‘normal’, because physical and social environments are accessible to everyone, equally.

Non-disabled people aren’t afraid of saying the wrong thing to a disabled person, because having an impairment, visible or hidden, is accepted as being part of the human condition, part of life, not something strange that should arouse sympathy. Instead, disabled people would be visible, empowered and participating in every sphere of public and private life.

If you share our vision of what Disability Equality could look like, why not play a key role in helping to achieve it?

Please pass this on to anyone that you think might be interested – we particularly want to encourage applications from disabled people throughout Ireland. The options may also appeal to people working for, or living with, disabled people and those working in the disability sector who aren’t currently in a position to take on a full-time programme of education. Community development practitioners may also be interested in the options.

We have created several study options, see which one suits you;

Option 1 - Students wishing to ‘test the waters’ of third level education can opt to take one key Stand-alone Module (part-time) in Spring 2016,  without committing to a programme with an academic award ( 

St. Angela’s College offers funding for this module, for students with a low family income or verifiable disability, please see

Option 2 – Students wishing to gain an academic award, can enrol onto the Certificate in Disability Studies programme, which involves taking two modules of part-time study, the certificate can be completed within a year (Certificate in Disability Studies). 

St. Angela’s College offers funding for the Certificate in disability Studies, for students with a low family income or verifiable disability, please see

Option 3 – We also offer students the opportunity to undertake the Bachelor of Arts in Disability Equality Studies; a four-year part-time programme of study. After successfully completing 2 years of study, students may choose to leave with a Diploma in Disability Equality Studies (BA (Disability Equality Studies) programme ).

The applications for this module will close on January 22nd 2016

I look forward to hearing from you and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions 

Best wishes




Susan Carton

Lecturer / Programme Director BA (Disability Equality Studies)

Department of Nursing, Health Sciences and Disability Studies

St Angela's College

Lough Gill


F91 C634


Direct line 0719135620

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