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Cuts to special needs resources deplorable (Letters, Irish Times, 1/4/2011)

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Cuts to special needs resources deplorable

Friday April 01 2011

As a primary school teacher and a parent, I deplore the latest cynical move by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) which has "paused" any resource hours being allocated to any child with special needs.

Resulting from their latest circular, no new child presenting with special needs will be granted resource hours, but must be included in mainstream classes.

The DES has two huge questions to answer, in accounting for this action. How are they cherishing and supporting the child with special needs, by reducing/removing their support system? And how are they cherishing the children without special needs, who will have drastically reduced access to teacher time?

Maire Lineen
Dunboyne, Co Meath


Source: Letters Page, Irish Times, 1st April 2011

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Peaceful protest against cuts in SNAs and cap on resource hours


Please support this peaceful protest on Easter Monday , 25th April at 3pm at  The Radisson Hotel , Sligo. We can't let these cuts go ahead and impact on our children with SEN .  

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