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Autism Support Ireland Website Launch (

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Today Ireland’s first one stop website for autism information was launched today. is the result of a partnership between Irish Autism Action, Gheel Autism Services, Aspire, Tuiscint (Eastern Vocational Enterprises ltd), ABHAILE/Drogheda ABACAS School for Children with Autism and Cork Association for Autism.

"Autism Support Ireland was formed specially to develop this site," explained Keith Duffy, Patron, Irish Autism Action. "We realised that there was no single place a family member, a medic or a teacher could go to get all of their questions about autism answered. It meant people were picking up random bits from random sites and not all of what they read was helpful or right. This site will fix that problem."

Divided into sections dealing with what autism is, the services and supports that are available and the benefits and rights of people with autism and their families the site deals with every aspect of the condition.

"As awareness of autism has increased parents are often worried that unusual behaviour exhibited by their little ones may mean they have the condition," explained Kevin Whelan, Chief Executive, Irish Autism Action. "So we have included a section that identifies the red flags, or the behaviours that indicate a parent should have their child assessed. We hope that this will reassure the majority of parents and ensure that those who need an assessment get it in a timely fashion."

The site also recognises that social networking is a vital method of sharing information, so it provides links to blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. As autism is what is known as a spectrum disorder covering including conditions like Asperger’s Syndrome the site also has information on these areas.

The project has been funded under the Enhancing Disability Services Programme. Funds are provided by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform and the programme is managed by Pobal.

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Stress levels of Parents of children with autism

Hi all,

My name is Sharon Welby and I am seeking participant for an online survey. This survey is interested in investigating the stress levels of parents who have children diagnosed on the autism spectrum and who attend either a mainstream school, a special school or who may be home schooled.

So specifically I am interested in whether the type of school that the child attends has any impact on the stress levels of the parents. Research so far indicates that parents whose children have access to more educational services experience less stress. But there is very little research of this type done on Irish parents, particularly Irish fathers so I hope that my study can provide an insight into the experience of both Irish mothers and fathers.

It takes no more than minutes to complete the study on-line. I would greatly appreciate your responses. The link to the study is provided below so if you click on this you will be redirected to an information sheet and the questionnaires.
Thank you in advance,

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Gluten Free Diet

Dear all parents.
My name is Emma Hartnett and I am doing my honors degree in Social Care. I am currently researching the Gluten Free diet as an intervention for autism. I have had an interest in this topic for a long time as I have a family connection with autism. I am looking for parents who have previously used or who are currently using the diet to participate in a short questionnaire. If you would be interested in participating, please leave your email address or contact me by email on All help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I still live with the big

I still live with the big hope that the medical research will have a breakthrough for this disease, until then I am struggling the best I can to keep my kid in best shape. This kind of support initiatives for autistic children deserve a lot more attention, they make a difference for so many people.

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possible breakthroughs

You might also like to have a look at
I would be intersted to hear what you think.

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new autism support group

I am a member of a new autism support group in Galway called Galway Autism Partnership (GAP) .We have had 3 meetings so far.Next on will be on Nov 9th @8pm in the Menlo Park Hotel in the Holland room.Galway city partnership are helping us set up as a charity.GRA is no longer in existence and was wound up this year.Currently we are working on a website and hope to have one up and running soon.We do have a temporary email until then   and are also on facebook @

Will update you when we have more info .Regards

Edel Abberton

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The Horse Boy - Autism movie


I wanted to contact you to let you know that Rupert Isaacson has asked me to be the distributor for his Movie 'The Horse Boy' based on his book about his Son Rowan who has Autism.

Many People have been contacting Rupert about obtaining the dvd and I am now trying to advise people that they can purchase it only from my website

I too have a son on the spectrum, Sam is almost 5 and still non-verbal.

Please feel free to contact me further for any more information.

Best wishes

Gillian Naysmith

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