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Studying the transition into mainstream schools (17/4/15)

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I am currently studying Child Psychology online and am at a loss with an assignment. It is a case study based on a 10 year old girl with Autism. She is leaving school in 6 weeks time and will enter in to mainstream in September. She uses Lamh and PECS to communicate. She has visited her mainstream school several times and uses her PEC book to communicate with her SNA. She gets frustrated with other children as they cannot communicate with Lamh. Her parents are concerned with her as she is very tired in the evenings and not herself. Her mother had to collect her early from Primary School as Annie began to scream and no one knew what to do. 

I need to describe a short term way, medium term way and long term way of providing for continuity and change as she moves to a new school. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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