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Thinking Toys Special Needs Toy Show - Letterkenny 5/11/12

5 Nov 2012 17:00
5 Nov 2012 20:00

Special Needs Toy Show - Letterkenny

Monday November 5th 2012, 5pm-8pm

Radisson Blu Hotel

ThinkingToys.ie Toy Show Nov 2012
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Domicilary Care Allowance

30 Oct 2012 21:22
5 Nov 2012 09:00

Catherine Beirne has been invited to the Sligo forum to discuss DCA (domicilary care allowance) on behalf of parents of kids with autism.

Please send in your views and comments. via post here or pm Catherine via facebook.

No names will be used.

This is our opportunity to be heard.


Again, I do. Do you work sonriseprogram
or Handle
Please write how to start?
Very grateful to Anna


Dear parents

I need a tutor for my son. We live in Carrick-on-Shannon. Is anyone, was at home teaching? Maybe you know a teacher from near Carrick. thank you

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ASD - First 100 Days Kit

First 100 Days Kit (by Autism Speaks) is "A tool kit to assist families in getting the critical information they need in the first 100 days after an autism diagnosis."  Highly recommended if  your child is has developmental delays and/or suspected/diagnosed Autism Spectrm Disorder.  (The booklet is at the bottom of this article)

What topics does the booklet cover? 

About Autism
Why was my child diagnosed with Autism? And what does it mean?
Why does my child need a diagnosis of Autism?.
How is Autism Diagnosed?.
What is Autism?.
More information on the Symptoms of Autism.,,
Unique Abilities that may Accompany Autism.
Physical & Medical Issues that may Accompany Autism.,

Autism Speaks Logo
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Childcare Presentation

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is Carol Chamberlain. I'm a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts (BA) student in Childcare Management  in Athlone Institute of Technology, Westmeath.

I'm currently conducting a research study for my presentation on children with disabilities (3 years) and social inclusion in a Childcare setting paying particular attention to  how the facility has been modified to cater for their needs . I was wondering if you would be willing to help me by filling out a questionnaire?

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ASD research

Dear Parents,

I am still looking for parents of children recently turned 3 years of
age or younger with ASD to participate in a study for an MSc in NUI
Galway. The study involves a short questionnaire on the other issues
apart from ASD that your children may suffer from, eg sleeping and
eating problems. It is the first study of its kind in Ireland.

I would be very grateful for your input - it'll only take around 20 minutes to complete, its
anonymous and I plan to publish the research findings  and present them at
conferences. I need to gather all my research by the end of September 2011.

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Research - children under 3 years

Dear Parents,

I am an MSc student in NUIG and I am looking for parents of children with ASD who are recently turned 3 years of age or younger to take part in research on comorbidity. The study involves a questionnaire on issues your child may have aside from those associated with ASD, like eating or sleeping difficulties.  

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SNA Cutbacks

200 SNAs to be removed from schools. Will know today if my child's school is one! Mr Ruairí Quinn will regret his decision.  What a U-turn!!

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Early Intervention Research - Searching for parents and tutors to complete a questionnaire!

Hi, my name is Lorna Flynn and I'm looking for parents/tutors involved in early intervention home programs for my research study which is part of my masters. If you wish to take part please click the relevant link below - there are two separate questionnaires (one for parents and one for tutors). I would really appreciate if any one who thinks they fall into my criteria could complete a questionnaire. Thanks!

Tutor Questionnaire

Questions and Answers
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Understanding Changing Needs of Individuals with ASD, Tullamore, 26/Mar/2011

26 Mar 2011 08:30
26 Mar 2011 16:30

People with Disabilities Ireland (PWDI) with the support of Autism Spectrum Disorder Initiatives (ASDI) are hosting a one day conference...

Understanding the Changing Needs of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions

Peter Vermeulen PhD (Keynote Speaker)
Co-director of the Centre for Concrete Communications a European training and education centre for ASD Gent, Belgium

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Parents angry over special needs cuts (Irish Examiner, 27/8/2010)

Claire O’Sullivan, Irish Examiner, Friday, August 27, 2010

PARENTS of special needs children said they face further cutbacks after the Department of Education confirmed children signed up for the free preschool year will have specialist home tuition hours cut. 

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Possible Early Glimpse of Autism's Impact on Older Siblings (ScienceDaily, 8/Mar/10)

ScienceDaily (Mar. 8, 2010) — A new study suggests a trend toward developing hyperactivity among typically developing elementary-school-aged siblings of autistic preschoolers and supports the notion that mothers of young, autistic children experience more depression and stress than mothers with typically developing children.

Siblings with ball
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Christmas Came Early For Calum in Roscommon

By Maresa Fagan, Roscommon Herald, 8th December 2009.

Christmas has come early for five year-old Calum Leyden from Strokestown. Calum is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to his new canine companion, Juni, an assistance dog for families with children with Autism.

Christmas Came Early For Calum in Roscommon
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Dozens of autistic children left without assistance dogs

DOZENS of autistic children will not get specialist trained assistance dogs next year because of Government cutbacks. The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind (IGDB) said it needs €1.5 million in 2010 to train another 40 assistance dogs for families of children with autism, like it did this year.

Trained Assistance Dog for Children with Autism
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Children’s Language Development Project, Galway

The Children’s Language Development Project is based in Oranmore, Co Galway and is open to any child between the ages of 2 and 6 who presents with a language delay or disorder.

We offer both group sessions in the preschool and one to one tuition in the form of ABA. The school runs 5 days a week from September through to July. Children are taught according to their individual ability and strength and our programmes are designed to enhance the specific need of each child.

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Eleven special needs children left without a school (19/Aug/2009)

Copyright: Leitrim Observer. 

Eleven of Leitrim's most vulnerable Special Needs children will be left out in the cold next week, with no suitable school available for them to attend in the county. 

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Concerns at changes to home tuition [6/7/09]

The Irish Times, 6 July 2009. By Carl O'Brien.

FAMILIES OF children with autism say a change in Government policy will make it much harder to appoint appropriate tutors to help their children reach their full potential.

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Review of all Special Needs Assistant Posts - Circular 0037/2009 [education.ie]

Notification of Transitional Arrangements being put in place in relation to the outcome of the review of all Special Needs Assistant posts in primary, special and post-primary schools by the National Council for Special Education

1. Introduction

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SOLAS Assessment Center, Dublin

The Solas Centre was set up as a result of a conversation between 4 people in 2003 who identified the distinct lack of a cohesive provision of diagnostic services in Ireland. Cormac Rennick, Marc De Salvo, Servass Dobedier as founder members of IAA and parents of children with autism, and Allan Willis, Educational Psychologist, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise funds for their project. Their climb was symbolic of the obstacles people with autism and their families have to climb every day.

SOLAS Assessment Center, Dublin
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TCD Public Lecture: Is Recovery from Autism Possible? Dublin, 9th June

9 Jun 2009 19:00

School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin Presents:

Public Lecture: Is Recovery From Autism Possible?

Presented by: Jonathan Tarbox, Ph.D., Director of Research & Development; Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Los Angeles, CA

Overview: The overarching consensus within the medical community is that there is no cure for autism. More than 20 years of research on applied behavior analytic treatment for autism has consistently demonstrated that a significant proportion of children make dramatic gains via behavioral intervention, including achieving a

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Examining the Experiences and Information Needs of Parents of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Before/After Diagnosis

Examining the Experiences and Information Needs of Parents of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Before and After the Diagnosis

On Tue, Feb 12, 2008 at 5:48 PM, Tara wrote:

Dear Parent,

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Red Door Autism School

The Red Door (Learning Centre) for Autistic Children was set up by a group of parents in 2001 with a vision is that by providing specialised educational and therapeutic services, autistic children can be helped to reach their full potential. The Centre's objectives include:

To offer a diagnostic and assessment service to children presenting ASD characteristics:
* To offer early intervention for children with autism
* To become a Centre of Excellence for the teaching of ASD children

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Lovaas - criteria for Autism Treatment (Educational)

A two page letter, October 1996, by Professor Ivar Lovaas discussing the elements of Behavioural Intervention required by the UCLA approach: A Behavioural emphasis, Family participation, One-on-One instruction (at least initially), Integration, Comprehensiveness, intensity and individual differneces are outlined.

Autism Boy and Bubbles

festive-lutheran festive-lutheran